Solar Repairs

Vision Energy provide solar repairs for residential, commercial and industrial properties. As a solar system is a significant investment, it’s important that they are maintained and repaired to ensure your system lasts for as long as possible.

Good quality solar panels should come with a 25-year warranty, while inverters should come with a warranty of 10 years. At Vision Energy, our team of electricians can help with any repair or maintenance work on your solar system including warranty claims, faulty inverters, faulty panels, weather damage and, of course, general repairs and maintenance.

To book in your repair or maintenance with Vision Energy, contact our team on 0400 535 450.

Solar Power Repairs:

Every week, Vision Energy repairs multiple solar systems that are faulty or have simply stopped working due to damaged parts and materials. In fact, sometimes faults can be life threatening, therefore it’s important to get these fixed as soon as possible.

The team at Vision Energy can assess and repair each element of your solar system, replacing faulty parts with high quality components so that your system can work as good as new again.

Solar Power Maintenance:

Part of owning a solar system means that you must be responsible for maintaining the system. This is important to ensure it lasts it warranty and is working perfectly should you need to sell your property. Vision Energy can assess your solar system to make sure everything is running perfectly while making any repairs along the way.

Our electricians will provide a complete service and thoroughly look at each part of your system; including voltage testing and functionality tests on inverters, isolators and solar panels.

We will also provide you with professional, easy to understand advice to help you maintain the quality of your system and optimise its efficiency for maximum return on investment.

Solar Repairs Central Queensland

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