Off Grid Solar Systems in Queensland and Northern Territory

Vision Energy installs off grid solar systems all over Queensland and the Northern Territory.    You will find us installing in your local neighbourhood, on the local Islands, out West at large farms and cattle stations and up North in remote areas.  This is where you will find Jacobe in his element, he has a passion for custom designing complex off gird systems for small through to commercial scale clients. He takes pride in understanding all aspects of your individual needs whether it be a home on a remote island or a large commercial station in a remote area. When designing an off grid solar system he understands that there is no room for error and every variable needs to be considered to provide a reliable system that meets your individual requirements.

We incorporate battery storage, generators and solar to meet any size load requirements so that you can easily power the entire household, shop, farm or station completely off-grid in rain, hail or shine.

To enquire about having an off-grid system installed at your property, get in touch with our team on 0400 535 450.

How an off-grid system works:

At Vision Energy, we configure your solar system so that there is enough output when the sun is shining to supply the required load for your property. In addition, we add the right amount of solar output to charge your batteries to 100% over the same sun hours. The goal of this is for the batteries to deliver as much power as they can during night-time electricity consumption. However, if the batteries run out of charge, any shortfall is met with input from the generator.

The off-grid system is completely automatic, with parameters set to control the generator and battery use during wet weather days, ensuring you are never without power. Correctly sizing the solar array and battery storage, both being low cost energy sources, Vision Energy can minimise the use of expensive generator fuel and slash your bills.

Brands we work with:

At Vision Energy, we pride ourselves on only working with high quality brands we trust, but also being able to offer these high-quality products at a range of different price points. For off-grid systems we recommend the follow high quality brands;

Selectronic – made is Australia

SMA – made in Germany

Victron – made in the Netherlands

Which system should I choose?

It’s no secret that everyone wants to reduce their power bills, and a solar system has the power to do just that. To ensure you choose the right system, Vision Energy will visit your home with a detailed aerial image of your roof panels.

This enables us to work out the best panel location for your roof. Afterwards, we will ask you about your current power consumption and the appliances you use. Combing these two assessment methods we will have a clear idea of what is suitable for you and will provide the best result.

Off Grid Solar Systems Central Queensland

Get in touch with Vision Energy on 0400 535 450 for more information about our full range of solar energy services.