Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar installation is the perfect solution for businesses wanting to slash their power bills and contribute to bettering the environment. Vision Energy can provide your business with a solar energy system that will save you thousands in power bills.

Naturally, most commercial properties will use their power during business hours; usually 8am-5pm when the sun is shining. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for a business to use free solar energy to run their tools, appliances, lighting, machines and air conditioning. Depending on your business’ tariff, most business owners will save both the tariff rate for every kw they self-produce and the feed in tariff for excess production.

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Will solar work for your business?

If your business mostly uses power during the day, and you have a suitable roof space, then installing solar is a no brainer. In an ideal situation, you will own the business premises or have a long-term lease in place so that when your system is paid off, you receive the complete return in your pocket.

When it comes to selling or leasing your property, a solar system is a significant asset and will make the property more attractive to future purchasers or tenants.

The Vision Energy Experience:

When you choose to have your commercial solar system installed with Vision Energy, you’re choosing a local team with a great reputation that truly cares about providing the best service for clients. Before we install your solar system, we:

  • Look over your bills to work out when your power is being consumed to estimate the savings you will make with solar.
  • Work out the best spot to place your equipment to ensure you achieve maximum performance, but with minimum visual impact on your property.
  • Recommend other changes you can make to your current energy consumption to reduce your power bills.
  • Explore different finance options for your system so that you can pay off your system using your power bill savings.

Central Queensland Commercial Solar Power Installation

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