Hybrid Solar Systems

Vision Energy install hybrid solar systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Central Queensland. A hybrid solar system is unique as it uses both batteries and the grid to store and use energy, meaning you can reduce your grid power use at night-time.

We recommend this option for households that primarily use power at night but are away at work during the day and therefore don’t use enough power to reap the benefits of a grid connect system.

At Vision Energy, we can review your power consumption and custom design a system that provides excess solar generation during the day but can be stored in a battery for later use.

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Retrofitting Solar Power Systems:

Retrofitting refers to adding battery storage to an existing solar system to reconfigure it into a hybrid system. While retrofitting and upgrading can be a game changer for some people, it’s important to consider several factors before making your decision.

  • Do you receive one of your state’s feed in tariff rates? If so, it may not be worthwhile for you to retrofit batteries to your system.
  • How much of your electricity consumption does your current solar system meet? This will determine the size of battery you should install.
  • What are your main needs and budget?
  • Will the battery give you back-up power? This isn’t always the case with battery storage systems so make sure you check.


In a hybrid solar system, one of the major benefits is that there are two isolated systems that supply power; the inverters and the battery. Due to this, your household will still be able to have power when the grid is lost, for example, during a blackout. As mentioned previously, it’s important to mention that you would like a back-up supported battery as not all batteries come with this feature.

Central Queensland Hybrid Solar Systems

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