Residential Solar Grid Connect Systems

Vision Energy install grid connect systems in Central Queensland for residential properties. The grid connect systems are currently the most common solar system option chosen by customers. At Vision Energy, we specialise in installing grid connect solar systems, ensuring our clients get the best return on investment.

Most of our clients are aware of the significant difference solar power can make to their bills. As solar generates free power from the sun, you use less power from your grid supply, therefore reducing your power bill and helping the environment. However, the question always lies in how much you’ll save and when the system will get paid off.

To enquire about having a grid connect system installed, contact one of our friendly team on 0400 535 450.

How can Vision Energy help?

At Vision Energy, we can help you work out how much you will save and how fast you can pay off your system. In order to do this, we look at information such as your power bills, time of the day you use the most power and which appliances you use the most so that we can work out the system for your home that will provide the best return on investment.

By looking at these factors, we can estimate how much you’ll save and when you’ll have paid off your system. In addition, there is an option to redirect the money you save from your power bills as payments towards your system.

The Vision Energy Difference:

Undoubtedly, any solar system is going to contribute to a reduction in your power bills. However, not every supplier is going to have the same approach to installation. Therefore, it’s important to work with a team that has attention to detail in pre-sales, installation and their after sales service. At Vision Energy, we believe that these elements make a difference and are committed to providing this high-quality service for our clients.

We always make sure that:

  • Your installation is securely installed to withstand cyclonic conditions
  • Your rooftop DC isolator is accessible and of high quality
  • Your roof penetrations have proper sealing to prevent leakages

In addition, we work with a wide range of high quality, trusted brands so that we can provide options to suit everyone’s budget.

Brands we work with include:

  • REC
  • Fronius
  • Q Cells
  • SunPower
  • LG
  • SMA
  • Solar Edge

Grid Connect Systems Central Queensland

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